my list

This summer, while i was in australia, our trip leader Wilson McCoy made a list of 25 things to do during his 25th year of life. And i thought that was a pretty good idea, so here are my 19 things to do while i'm 19 years old:

1. do something anonymous
2. visit a new country
3. change a life
4. make a strangers day
5. read the psalms
6. go on an adventure
7. spend the weekend at my grandmothers
8. go to my first college football game
9. take a spontaneous road trip
10. make an A in college
11. play in the rain
12. hike a mountain
13. choose my major/minor
14. drink coffee
15. go fishing with my dad
16. make a new friend
17. volunteer once a week
18. run a half-marathon
19. watch the little mermaid from beginning to end in one sitting

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