what we're here for

i was going to start this off by saying that i've been thinking alot lately about life and death, but thats really a lie. the truth of the matter is that I've been thinking alot lately about death. i know, i know, its a morbid way to start a new post, but several things that have happened recently have pointed to the topic so much I can't ignore it. mainly what got me thinking about death is the tradegy that the Mobley family is going through. and after that happened, its been everywhere, not necessarily death, but the concept of living life while you can and stuff like that, little ideas and phrases like that have been everywhere, in songs on the radio or in something that a friend says. its like maybe God wanted to get my attention or something.

sometimes I wonder if maybe, through things like this happening every once and a while, (by that I mean through tragedies and death and sickness) if maybe God wants to get everyone's attention. i'm not saying thats why these things happen. that would be terribly selfish thing for me to say. i'm not saying that someone else's pain is justified by whatever we can gain from it. but i have to wonder if maybe it is a little tiny piece of why, if maybe God is trying to get our attention, because i've learned that a big part of life is taking everything that happens and trying to learn from it, trying to grow as a person because of it, and trying to find some good in it. you have to try to find some good in everything that happens, you have to try to see things as God sees them, you have to try to figure out what God's reasoning was in every situation that that comes your way, whether its good or bad. you have to do these things all the time, even when the hard times come, or else you your heart will get hard as a rock and you'll want to quit.

anyway, the thing about the situation with the Mobley's that really got my attention is that it all happened so fast. in a few hours, everything had changed for them forever. and although it may sound selfish, I have to admit that in light of something like that happening, I couldn't help but to think, what if that were to happen to me? or someone I love? what if, in the middle of doing something I do all the time, like driving down the road or sitting in class or at work, or walking down the street, it all ended for me? what if that was it? the last thing I ever did?

what all of these things made me realize is that every time I take a breath, I get a brand new chance at life, and I can't afford to mess around or take it for granted, because it could be the last chance i get. this is why I have to thank God every time my heart beats, it is why i feel the need to share with people what He's doing in my life, its why I have to tell people about Him every chance I get, its why I appreciate life like i do and why am so happy to be alive, because I don't have to be, I certainly don't deserve to be, but yet I am, I am alive, and I keep breathing, breath after breath, getting chance after chance at getting this right, at living this life right. Its all a gift, every second, every breath, every day, and none of us deserve to get any more of them but if we do, if we do keep breathing air and thinking thoughts and if our hearts do keep beating, we have to try with everything inside of us to make each one worthwhile, to do something meaningful and beautiful for God with every new chance, every breath, that we get.

its what we're here for.

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