I'm back

So today I was babysitting in Franklin Tennessee, and the kids are joyfully (yeah right) doing their homework, and i'm here with them at the kitchen table and i actually got bored of facebook (a rare occasion, but it happens sometimes). But then, I remembered this blog and how I forgot my password like 6 months ago, and I haven't been able to log on since then, but still, I thought I'd give it a try, so I go to the website and for some reason, i was automatically logged in. I don't know if somehow this mac just knows my password or what, but it was W E I R D..!
anyway i'm glad to be back, alot has happened since February or whenever it was that I last made a post, way too much to even try to explain, but eventually I'll give an update on my life. But here is a very quick run through of the last 6 months: In May I graduated, in June I went to Impact, turned 18, and went on a two week vacation to California with my mom and dad, in July I went on a mission trip with Mayfair to the city of children in Ensenada, Mexico and worked at LIFT, an inner-city vbs program here in huntsville for 3 weeks. In August I came to Lipscomb, here in Nashville, TN, and thats where I am now, loving every minute of it. soon maybe i'll give more details about more of those things, but i plan to make this not so much about whats going on in my life as what God is doing in my life and all around me, because lets just be honest, thats really all that matters anyway.
thats all I got time to say for now, I've got about 5 chapters of reading to do for my seminar class.

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