the beautiful thing about God is..

"sometimes life just takes you by surprise." its funny to me how everybody always says that, when things start to go real well for them, or when they finally get that big break they've been waiting for, or when things finally start looking up for them. its odd to me that that's what we say in response to the good times, because really,

I think it's God who takes us by surprise.

but nobody wants to talk about God b/c it will be "awkward" and "make people uncomfortable". so we stay on the surface and credit "life" for the good times.
but i don't know how God feels about all of this. I mean, if it were me, up in heaven, working behind the scenes in everyones lives, putting together all the events of the world, trying to keep everything in line and keep everyone happy, I don't think i would like it very much if people ignored the fact that it was me doing all of those things and instead said that it's just "life". as if its some coincidence that we're blessed like we are and that we live the lives we live. but thats the difference between me and God. Even when we don't give Him credit, He just keeps on, pouring out the blessings on us, putting people and circumstances in our lives right when we need them the most, sending us October sunsets and big bright stars to dazzle us, giving us simple pleasures like teddy bears and rain puddles and good hugs, sending us all we need to live happily here on this earth, everyday, even when He doesn't get credit, even when we don't thank Him, even we don't even acknowledge that He's there doing it all.

the more and more I deal with people, especially flawed people like myself, that more i learn about the beautiful nature of God. I have learned so much about the patience and graciousness of God through my own selfishness and impatience, I have learned about the energy and joy of God most in the times in my life when I have been so weary I struggled to even get out of bed, i have learned the magnitude of God's love for us in my own inability to love others.

the more I see the flaws of man the more I see the perfection of God.

i think, in a way, thats how He meant it to be. If everyone were exactly like God, we wouldn't appreciate Him like we do. maybe He meant for the things of this world that are imperfect and messy, and that make us feel bad about ourselves, to remind us of just how good He is, of how perfect and freeing His love is.

And thats the beautiful and unique thing about God. In Him, life and beauty are found in the differences, the flaws, and the imperfections. The things we hate most about ourselves reveal a side of God that we love and need more than anything.

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