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it has been a crazy week..a crazy month really, but i can't complain. life is good.
-first of all there was, winterfest, which was a BLAST. i loved it. the worship was awesome and i especially enjoyed getting to hang out with some of the jr. and sophomore girls that i don't normally get a chance to see much...we had some fun times. oh and the snow..how could i forget? it was was SPECTACULAR. a winter-WONDERland. here are some pictures from the trip:

-and soccer season has officially started. we had our first game last thursday against hazel green-a 2-2 tie. not exactly how you hope to start off your season, but considering that we came back in the last 2 minutes, we can't complain.

-its basketball tournament time!! this is always one of my favorite times of year. we get out of school to go the the games, and we all ride together and sing at the top of our lungs the whole way down, we dress up like morons and scream until we can't even talk...i mean its just GREAT! G-R-E-A-T. we won our first game today against sardis by like 20 or 30 i think..our new favorite chant is "if your winning and you know it clap your hands..." haha. here are some pictures from today's game: (together, we all spelled out "we are balling.", but none of these are with the whole group..)

-music mania is coming up..WOO HOO! haha i am in a group of about 12 jrs. and srs. doing a song/dance from "highschool musical" why, you might ask? because i am THAT cool. haha its really funny and corny-you should come watch-its march 5 & 6 @ MA. this is our group: (YEAH, we made the poster..haha)
thats all i got.
(maybe i'm not so good at the bloggin thing after all..lol)

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