i have nothing specific to post about right now, so i just thought i'd make a random post about whats going on..
i'm excited about winterfest, which is next weekend. the theme this year is "the prize" and i imagine they'll aproach it from a sports angle which is always a good thing for us athletes. but i'm really just hoping that it will be better than last year which left me with nothing but a severe hate for archaeleogy and whoever made jeff walling waste 3 hours talking about it, although i did enjoy the nap..haha
basketball season is coming to a close, which is both exciting and sad..our girls team plays new hope tonight at new hope for the area championship..both teams are about equally matched in talent and we could defintely win..it should be an awesome game.
our guys team beat Randolph last night by about 30 or 40, and is hoping to advance on to the state chapionship game for the second year in a row (we won it last year).
but the real reasn i'm excited is because with post-season basketball play comes road-trips to games, missing school, dressing up like a moron to show team spirit, and a plethora of other fun basketball related activities.
soccer season is finally here! and i'm off to a great start with a stress factor in my left foot! haha..i just got the boot off thursday and i'm starting to go back to practice. our first game is on thursday and we are debating whether or not i should dress out..i may possibly play goalie...? haha anyway we play hazel green so wish us luck!
LOST is back..and with a bang! wednesdays epsiode was awesome..but it leaves us lost-junkies asking lots of questions..what's up with this juliet girl? whose side is she really on? juding by the scenes from next week's episode, it looks like kate will pull her usual bad-a/tough girl act and try to save jack from the other island, even though she promised him she wouldn't..that should be interesting..and then there is the ever popular question of what will happen to jack...
and while we are the subject of TV..last weeks 24 episode was quite the thriller as well! i never liked this show, because i think it is 100% IMPOSSIBLE that everything that happens in one SEASON of this show could happen in ONE DAY, but once i started watching it with my parents, i, too, caught the jack-bauer fever, and was able to put my doubts aside and admit that it is, indeed, a pretty good show. as good as lost? HEAVENS NO. but its decent. a good pick for a monday night when good entertainment is scarce..
there are exactly 100 days (weekends and breaks included) until graduation.
i feel like i should say something about the 'ole blue devils seeing as to how my family are the worlds biggest duke fans and this was quite a rough week for duke basketball..but honestly, all i have to say is this:
get it together, coach k.
thats all for now, kiddos.

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