today, for the first time ever, i saw a wreck. like a car accident. acutally, i didn't see the whole thing, just part of it.
i was on my way back out to school this afternoon at about 3:30PM, and i was about a mile away from turning onto slaughter rd. almost in front of that japanese factory "wah chang" or (whatever that building is that stinks up that road all the time..those of you who live or work out there know what i'm talking about..) anyway, i knew something was up because i started seeing brake lights all around me, so i too put on the brakes and eventually came to a complete stop because cars were pulling off and parking and there were people running on the road in front of me to go help, but i couldn't tell what was going on b/c the road ahead was clear. so i looked at where the people were running to, and then i saw it. there was this car-it was a camero i think (was being the key word there)-way off of the road to the far right-and judging by what i could see, it looked liked it had completely flipped over several times and landed on its side. itwas a bad wreck, to say the least. the car was looked totaled. i couldn't tell what had happened, but my first thought was "oh God, please help that poor person." I mean i thought they were a goner for sure. but then the most incredible thing happened. this guy emerged from the car. he came out of what had been a windshield, and as soon as he was out of the car, he got up and walked away. i mean he just walked away. he was waving his arms as if to say "i'm fine, i'm ok" to everyone. i mean this guy should have defintiely been dead. his car had flipped over-multiple times. and yet he just walked away. incredible, isn't it?
and then i got to thinking, about how that guy is so lucky to be alive, about lucky he is to have just walked away from an accident that could have cost him his life, and i realized that i am that guy. you are that guy. we are all that guy. we were all "goners". none of us stood a chance. at one point, we were all dead for sure. it looked like there was no hope. we were all just a wreck, lost in the mess of our lives, headed straight for destruction, seemingly with no hope..and then came Jesus. and instead of us dying, He did. he died for us, so that we could walk away from it all , without a scratch, and start again. we're all lucky..we should all be dead, but we're not. because of Jesus Christ, we too, can walk away.


Jamie said...

good post.

Jamie Brooke said...

haha i'm baaack.
and yes.
btw my word verification is pwshwj
for some reason i find that funny.