a quick update..

hello there. its been a while. our computer crashed..(AGAIN!?) and we have not had the internet for about a month. i just thought i'd post real quick about a few of the exciting things that are happening in my life right now:
-mexico: fall break: oct. 5-11-this is going to be a great trip. MA is taking a great group of 30 students and adults. and its my first trip to mexico. we are building a house and doing a VBS. pray for us and our efforts.
-student lead small-group chapel-this is a first for Madison Academy. most of the seniors have paired up and are leading a small group of younger students during chapel every other wednesday. britney cothren and i have a great group of 8th grade girls, and so far it is going great.
-the breakfast club: also a first for MA..some of the senior girls got together and came up with this idea: every other thursday before school the jr. high girls and the senior girls get toghether at school for breakfast and a small group devo. we had our first small group time today, and it was great.
-football season!-MA's football season kicked off last friday night with a home game against brooks. we lost the game, but it was a fun night. before the game there was an AWESOME tail-gate party, complete with a grill and all the "football" food you could ask for. we also had a lot of fun dressing up like idiots to show our school spirit for the game..and for college football: Auburn acutally won their first game against washington state 40-14. the tigers look good this year-kicker John Vaughn completeled 4 out of 5 field goals, one of which was a 52 yarder, and Kenny Irons had a great game with 183 rushing yards and a touchdown.

and thats about all i have time for for now..

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Kenny Simpson said...

Reider. This is Coach Simpson. Glad to hear all is going well with you.