the lifeboat theory

i read something very interesting in Don Millers book "Searching for God Knows What" that i think is worth sharing. he dedicates an entire chapter to an idea of his called "the lifeboat theory" his theory is based off of this question that he was asked in elementary school: if a nurse, a mom, and lawyer, and garbage man, and (someone else-i can't remember who i don't have the book with me right now) were all in a lifeboat and one person had to be thrown off, who would you throw off?
its an interesting question. miller then goes on to say, basically, that without God we are all in a lifeboat, and that by living without Him, in our everyday choices and associations, we are making out our case to the others in the boat of why we shouldn't be thrown out of the boat. and if you think about it, he is right. think about how many people are just walking around trying to prove to everyone else that we are important, or funny, or pretty, or smart, just so they won't be "thrown off the boat", just so others will think we are cool and accecpt us, just so we will "survive" in the lifeboat. think about how often we do that. without God we are all just floating in this lifeboat trying to prove to everyone else that there is something of value within us that makes us important, that makes us worth keeping on the boat. its an interesting concept. and its very true. look around you and you'll see how many people are just trying to survive on the lifeboat.
so whats the cure? how do we get out of the boat? by recieving our worth and importance from God. by recieving our value and purpose from Him. by trying to please Him, not everyone else on the lifeboat. its as simple as that. Without God, we are in the lifeboat. With Him, we are eternally loved and told that we are important by the creator of all the universe. And with a love like that, who needs a lifeboat?

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Jenna said...

MAzing thoughts Rieder! I hope all is well with you. I miss you guys. I love you!