a quick update..

hello to all.
its been a while, i know but this has been a crazy month, and I don't have the internet at home right now so its kinda hard to update this.
but basically, this month:
i went to Destin, FL with my family for 8 days, then i came back home and LIFT began the next day.
I have been busy with LIFT, church stuff, and babysitting like crazy ever since.
and after 2 exhausting weeks spent with a group of about 60 inner city kids, i am WORN OUT and actaulyl ready for school to start..with the exception of that summer reading..=(
so yeah..
thats about it.


Jason said...

Rieder! Just leaving you a comment to let you know I'm reading your blog. Keep posting. You have good thoughts and people need to read them!

Jenna said...

So I just read several of your blogs I hadn't read... how about The Fray's Over My Head is one of my newest favorite songs!! It is my myspace song... I love it. We need to chat. I miss you!