my top seven, volume II

well, its been a long, tiring, stressful, week, and i am glad to say that i only have one more major event to get through and then i'm FREE..but in the mean time i just thought i'd post another list of my current favorite things/people/events/objects/products, etc.

1. the ability to EXEMPT exams (thank you, Madison Academy)-i never even knew what this word meant until about the 9th grade..and even then it never meant anything to me until this year..but I don't know what I'd do if we had to take all our exams. hopefully, i won't have to take any (keep your fingers crossed), but there is a chance i'll have to take one..bleh..but at least its only one, instead of like 8..sorry grissom (and anyone else at pretty much any other school) people!

2. GHANA! we leave for Ghana, Africa in 26 days! please be praying about this trip..

3. jr/sr-is tomorrow! i am excited about it, but slightly stressed. i have like 7 appointments meaning that i am going to be running around like a crazy woman, i'm sure..it will be crazy but thats what makes proms and things like this a blast!

4. signing up for classes, picking out lockers, and doing other stuff at school for my SENIOR YEAR OF HIGHSCHOOL!!!!-i cannot believe that i am almost a senior! today we picked out lockers..and I realized that it would be the last time I'd ever do that..slightly sad..but only for a second until i realized that i will finnaly be a senior! woo-hhooooo!

5. spanish class-for some reason, i have been getting EXTREMELY hyper every day during spanish class, and so has maegan and most of the other people who sit around me, and together we have been having some crazy fun times in that class..its crazy because i used to hate spanish but now i like LOVE it-and that class just makes my whole day better and more fun..

6. the t.v. show "Five Takes: Pacific Rim"-call me a nerd, but my favorite channel is the travel-channel..and I happened to discover this show on monday night-it's great. basically, its just 5 random college-aged kids who are traveling around the pacific rim and living on $50.00 a day-its kinda like a clean version of the real-world-(minus the gays and sex and crazy drinking, etc.)-in the fact that they are strangers, or were before this show, and they are having to live together..but they are traveling, instead of living in one house. anyway I love it because I'd like to backpack across the world, and thats pretty much what they are doing..

7. sun drop (the soda)-you may be thinking, sun drop? i thought you liked mtn. dew? how did that make it on the list? here's how: sun drop is just as good as mountain-dew, and has just as much caffiene BUT is only 49 cents! i discovered this wonderful beverage at the gas station last and have just about had one every day since..

and thats about it for now..
i've got a crazy day ahead of me, and i'm off to bed!


Jenna said...

Maryanne Rieder-- one of my favorite things!! :)

Jamie said...

you will definitely have to call me when that show comes on this week. hope you're having a great time tonight!!!