what's next?

Well, I didn't get an internship.

But I did my best. I gave it everything I had, and yes, I am disappointed, but there's nothing else I can do. About a month ago, I sent out 13 applications to children's hospitals all over the country to be an intern in their Child Life department. An internship is a national requirement to be a Child Life Specialist, and a great experience for students hoping to pursue a job in this field. But I quickly found out, that it is also VERY competitive, and very hard to get one. I got a lot of rejection letters, but I also got 3 interviews. I was new to the phone interview, but I got better with time. The first one, with Kansas City, was rough, I'll admit it. Birmingham, was next, and I thought I did a little better, b/c I was a little bit more prepared. Last came New York, and I felt the best about this one. But all of these hospitals had a ton of applicants, and I guess which they felt that they had others who were better suited for their program. And while even writing that stings a little bit, it's ok.

This is a learning experience, and I can truly say that I have learned so much. If nothing else, I learned. I learned how hard this process is, how much work it takes, and how competitive this field is. But more importantly, I learned, once again, how blessed I am to have the prayers and support of so many wonderful people backing me constantly. And I just wanted to say thank you, to all of you who have been praying for me throughout this process, and asking me how things are going. It means to much to me, so much more than I can tell you.

So, whats next? I don't know, honestly. First of all, I'm GRADUATING! This December. Finally. But after that, I have a lot of options. Unfortunately, to be a child life specialist, you have to have an internship. So, if I decide to stick with this, I can re-apply for an internship in either the summer or next fall. I can also go to grad school for child life, but there are a limited number of programs in the country. I can also go to grad school for something else, like counseling. But I'll need to get some kind of job this spring while I figure everything else out. Good news is, I get to stay in my WONDERFUL house, with my AMAZING roommates that I love so much, in the room that I just re-decorated and am slightly obsessed with. I have the most wonderful community here from Lipscomb, and from Ethos, my church, and I am excited about getting to stay here and be blessed by the wonderful people God has put in my life. Now, if I could only find a job.. :) keep praying if you don't mind, because while I trust that God has something in store for me, right now my future looks like a big question mark. And that's a little bit scary.

Love you all and thanks again for the prayers.


harperjd88 said...

It's wonderful to see God working in our lives -- both when it is easy and when it is hard. So happy that you're able to see Him in all this, because He is certainly there. I'm sorry to hear about all of this though and will continue to pray for your journey. God is good and He loves you very much. Proverbs 16:3.

Anonymous said...

So proud of you regardless of getting one or not! You are incredible and God has wonderful plans laid out just for you. :)

Keela Evans said...

Proud of you and thankful to have a front row seat of God working in your sweet life.

Mom said...

You are so amazing! You always look for and find the good in each and every situation. God loves you for that. And so do I. You would be an awesome Child Life Specialist and any hospital would more than benefit to have you on staff. They just haven't met you yet! I love you!