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Shauna Niequist, who is one of my very favorite authors, wrote a book called Bittersweet, which is a collection of wonderfully descriptive and real essays about life and all the good, the bad and the ugly things that come with it. One of the chapters is entitled "Things I Don't Do", and Shauna talks about the drive she felt in her late twenties to "do everything better." She talks about how destructive this way of thinking was for her, and says that what matters most is not what we do, but what we are willing to give up to make the thing that we do happen better. She made a list of these things, the things she doesn't do, not to be negative, but to admit and learn to be ok with them, and after reading this chapter, I made a list too. Here it is:

I don't shower every day. I am in fact probably the furthest girl from "diva" status that you can find. However, you can find me, 5 out of 7 days of the week, in nike shorts and t-shirts. I have cute clothes, but I don't spend a lot of time every day picking out and putting together cute outfits. That's just not high-up on my list of priorities. Some people criticize me for this, and say that I'm never going to meet someone and get married if I don't put more into what I wear, but I prefer for the people in my life to love me for who I am, not what I look like.

I don't care a lot about money. I realize that this is probably because I don't have any money right now, but even when I do, it's not something that I really care about. I'm terrible at keeping up with it, and when I look at jobs, salary is near the last thing I look at. I know that money is necessary, but as long as I can eat, the bills are paid, and my gas tank isn't on empty, I'm ok. I know one day, money will be something that I have to care about, for my families sake, but until that day comes, having a lot of money is not going to be something that burdens me.

I don't decorate. My roommate Kaitlynn is a master decorator and designer, and while I admire that about her and love what she's done with our past apartments and our current house, I personally am ok with admitting that I have contributed nothing more than one throw pillow to the interior of our house and probably won't contribute anything else for the entire time we live here.

I don't drink water. I'm working on this a little bit, but as a general rule, unless I am exercising, brushing my teeth, or taking medicine I don't drink it, unless sweet tea is the only other option. I just think that there are other ways to hydrate that actually taste.

I don't do mornings. In fact, I avoid them at all costs. Here it is, at 2pm, and i'm still drinking my morning coffee in my pajamas. I love sleeping in, and I always will. I'll admit, that if i have to get up early, I can usually end up seeing the value in it, but I don't chose to be up early it unless I have to.

I don't think everything happens for a reason. I think that God can give a reason and purpose to everything that happens, which is one of the reasons that I love Him so much, but I don't think that every little thing that happens on this earth happens for a divine purpose. I realize that viewing things this way gives some people hope, and if that's you, that's ok with me. I just don't share in this thought.

I don't paint my fingernails. Toenails? Different story. But for some reason I just don't like painted fingernails. I think it's because it's nearly impossible to live a normal life and keep your fingernail paint from chipping, and i'm a perfectionist, so that won't happen.

I don't argue. I hate it in fact. My friend Louisa used to hate this about me, because whenever an argument would arise between us, I would just give up and say "you're right". That just drove her crazy, but as long as it wasn't something that really mattered, I was always ok with giving in, as long as it meant the argument would stop. I do stand up for what I believe in, but I just don't let things turn into heated, angry, discussions. I know there is a time and place for arguments, but I don't usually find myself at those times and places.

I don't think that I am superior to anyone. It doesn't matter to me if you are 6 years old or 96, black, white, purple, blue, educated, non-educated, Christian, Jewish,, Muslim, or Atheist, tall or short, rich or poor. If God made you, you are valuable. Period. And I personally will not treat you otherwise.

I don't carry a purse on a regular basis. Sure, i have a few purses, but I usually stick to keys and my phone, and if i'm going to need to spend money, I'll carry my wallet.

there are many other things that i don't do, but that's the list for now. the list of things that I do may be posted soon also.

happy monday, folks.

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