good advice

here is some good advice from my good friend Tanna, that I thought we could all use to hear: 

"Well, I just had a big revelation about my life. I wake up everyday expecting this world to make me happy, and the things I buy and make and money in my account and winning the world series and baking. I wake up everyday feeling like this world owes me something, but the truth is I have completely lost God altogether. I have to want to do things for HIM and I have to believe in him and talk to him, and all of my wildest dreams may or may not come true. But I will be happy and at peace with who I am and whose I am. Great things in my life have happened, but only when I gave Him my everything...and I'm definitely not even close. Who am i really if the first time in my life that I'm not forced to do anything Christian I completely stop doing everything? It's going to be hard to build my own faith and my own trust in Him but I want to start today. That's the only way up I can see."

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