I came across this tree yesterday (image below). i've been doing some fishing the past few days (or trying to anyway), down at the lake near when i'm living right now. the first time i walked down to the water, i was immediately drawn to this tree, which i found odd, because i don't typically find myself interested in uprooted trees. i think its because there is something about this tree that resonates with where i am in life right now. uprooted seems like the perfect way to describe the transition from college into adulthood. everything we know has been taken out from under us, and we find ourselves in a new place, exposed to the world in a different way than ever before. to some, it may appear that we have nothing to offer, but regardless of what we are told, we keep pursuing, keep dreaming, keep searching. we know deep down that there is beauty to be found in us, and we are only seeking to find the right outlet in which to share it. and so it is in this transition place that i find myself right now, like a tree thats lost its roots, looking for a new place to be planted.

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