picture of the day

sooo..life has been pretty boring lately and i haven't really had anything to post about.
ok, actaully, thats a lie. the truth is life has been hectic and crazy for the past month or so and i haven't had the time or energy to get on here and make a decent post. so i've come up a new idea. one of the reasons i haven't been posting lately is because i feel like i have put something on here that is worthy of you reading it, and well, quite honestly, that would take some work and time. i usually don't feel like sitting down and putting the events of my life or my thoughts into word form because when i do that i tend to ramble on, and, putting my thoughts into words has never been my strongpoint, and also it takes too long. but i didn't just want to let my blog die, so i've come up with a new idea for my posts: pictures. a "picture of the day" type thing..except i doubt it will be every day, and sometimes i will probably get sick of pictures so i'll do a quote or maybe even sometimes i'll do a normal post-the possibilties are ENDLESS. who knows what i'll come up with next? i'm joking, of course.
so, to start off the new trend, i have chosen one of my favorites:

thats me driving and my friend britney, who took the picture, is in the passenger seat. all i can really say about this one is..we are in my car late one night up to no good..(nothing illegal, i can assure you). i think i just like this because we're both laughing at the thought of what we were about to go do..and because it reminds me of some good times

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