the pro's and con's of homecoming week..

its here.
homecomming week has arrived. its spirit week. and its my LAST spirit week. EVER.
rachel taylor most accuratly described how i feel about this week by saying: "this is my favorite week of the year, but at the same time, its also my least favorite week of the year."
confusing, I know. but let me explain:
i love spirit week because..
-its the only week of the year when dressing up like a total dork will earn you cool points.
-it means (for the jrs. and srs. anyway) trashing the school in the wee hours of the morning and then getting out of class the next day to take it all down. (i mean really, how great is that? being rewarded for vandalism. for a highschooler, it doesn't get any better than that.)
-i love driving into school every day and seeing the school completley trashed and knowing that i contributed to the madness.
-i love seeing "seniors 2007" painted on our cars as i pull into my parking space.
-i love walking down the hallway and feeling like i am in about 6 different disney movies.
-i love the competetion for which class has the most school spirit, and the drama that comes with it.
-i love walking down the hallway and seeing our teachers so dressed up that i barely recongnize them
-for a week there are pretty much no rules, at school especially, and even at home the rules are relaxed

and yet, this is by far the most stressful week of the year. school is crazy and stressful enough without having to come up with a crazy obnoxious costume to wear every day and staying up past midnight decorating school and figuring out who you'll go to homecoming with or if you'll even go at all and buying a dress and picking out something cute to wear to the game. add all of those things to an already full week of homework, tests, an "expository essay" (no clue what that means) 2 soccer games, and basketball every day (Im helping w/ it this year) and this really fun week suddenly also becomes extremely stressful. oh, and did i mention that we haven't had heat at my house since last thursday, so after basketball practice every day i have had to come home, unpack from the night before, re-pack everything i'll need for the next day (which wouldn't be that hard if i didn't have to worry about wearing some kind of costume and all the props and stuff that go w/ it), find somebody to stay with and head to their house and try to do our homework and get to bed before the sun comes up..
so today i had like a 5 minute "AHH I'M SO STRESSED OUT WHAT IN THE WORLD AM I GONNA DO!?!" pity party after 7th period. nothing major, but for me it was weird, b/c i was just telling rachel and louisa last night that i don't stress out that much, and really, i don't. it takes a LOT to really get me stressed out. and yet there i stood at my locker today freaking out. so i attempt to vent about it to rachel, who is 100 times even more stressed than I am and NOT listening to me at all, and once i manage to squeeze every freaking book in my locker into my backpack i make a bee-line for my car, hoping to get out before i explode. and when i get in my car, the song "the end" by matthew west is on.
"sometimes it rains all over your parade
its like you're reachin for the sun
and landing in the shade..
but its not the end,
its not the end of the world.
its just another day, depending on grace
no, its not the end
the end of the world
its just another day
so don't sleep it all away.."
and when the song ended, i felt so stupid for getting so caught up in all this stupid stuff. i felt to immature. so i said a little prayer and asked God for peace to get me through the week. and i breathed a deep breath, and just like that, it was over. the pity party, the freaking out, it was over. i was done. in the words of jason mraz: "i won't worry my life away..."
so, there is my stupid high school drama post. hopefully that will be the last one for a long time.


Jamie said...

1) i got a blog
2) it's over!

rieder309 said...

ok you mean homecoming week is over?

JeffandBethSellars said...


Beth and I are so amazed at how much ya'll have to keep up with and how great you guys are doing. Keep up the hardwork and believe in yourself.