my top five (i don't have time to do seven)

heres the current list of my favorite things

1. MY SISTER! who else would drive the worlds most boring 3 hour drive to only spend like 3 hours helping her little sister get ready for her first prom and then turn around and drive it again!? and she came home this weekend for "mothers day" but i think it was really just to bring me my new iPod..

2. Sierra Mist-has taken over for sun drop. it is ADDICTING. its so refreshing.i'm up to about 2 or 3 a day now.

3. 8 DAYS TILL AFRICA-i cannot believe i'm saying that. only 8 days..please be praying for our trip-we still have a lot of things to do before we go!

4. The Fray-this band is awesome. they have a sound similar to gavin degraw's acoustic piano sound and fall out boys hard rocking and lyrics. they are the group that sings "Over my Head". they're great-check out their new cd "How to save a life"

5. SUMMER-is about to arrive..what else can i say. that is awesome ..

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