the beauty of silence

there is beauty in silence. there is something found in a forest 100 miles away from no where that you cannot find anywhere else. you cannot buy this feeling, this shockingly calming sense of peace you feel when you turn off your car and ipod and computer and tv and cell phone. You cannot experience it from your couch while watching TV. you cannot feel it while listening to your ipod and checking your email. it's real. its authentic. it is beautifully simple.
we need more simplicity. we need more silence. we need to turn off everything and listen to the birds chirp and hear the wind rush through the trees and watch a creek rushing over rocks and churning down its path over and over again. we need to get away from it all, every once in a while, and experience life as it was meant to be lived: peaceful and beautiful and calm and silent. because it is in moments like these, when the world all around us becomes real to us, when we see the trees and sky and mountains and flowers, that God becomes real to us. In these moments, we realize that He is all around us..that He made this earth for us..to dazzle us, to amaze us, to remind us of Him. and thats exactly what we need: to be reminded of Him. to think of Him often, to see Him all around us, to know that He made all this for us. We need to get out there and enjoy it. we need to find the beauty in silence.

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